Wednesday November 14, 2001
Hello, I know I havenít been writing.
Well let me update you. . .
A week from yesterday I hurt my foot dancing.
I was doing a Sautť [soh-TAY] and I landed on
my foot weird. I had to walk with cane until three
days ago. I am now able to walk with out it hurting
and possibly dance, but my dance teacher Mrs. Kidd
Said I should not dance until Friday.
So that means I canít dance Thursday. Bummer!
I am now having dance on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday 6:30-7:30 and Thursday from4:30-9:15.
Well, we (The dance company.) are going to
do Christmas this year at Calvary Baptist.
It is going to be a BIG thing!
Iím learning a dance called ďHow Great Thou ArtĒ
It is a very HARD dance!

Monday July 30, 2001
Hi, Well, I went to camp last Sunday and Returned
Thursday. I had much of fun! I didnít go to dance last
Thursday, I was way to Tired to go. I will tell yawl more
Later. About camp when I have more time. Talk Later . . .

Thursday July 12, 2001
Well, sorry I have not wrote in a long time.
I got a kitten Tuesday, so I have been very busy.
His name is Kenya. He is pitch black. I will soon be putting pictures of him on my picture
page I will have a link to it at the bottom of this page.

Well, dance class went well. It was very HARD.
I need to work with my stretching, more then I have been.

Friday June 29, 2001
I had dance last night. I am in three classes,
My classes started at 6 and ended at 9:30.
We had to do Rond de jambs In the air! Iíve Never
Done that before. Well I have moved up to foundation 2,
I was in foundation 1. Well I have to go.

Friday June 21, 2001
Hi, Well I went to dance last night.
Iím doing the summer dance thing. I had a lot of fun!!
But I am so sore from dancing so much!
I went to dance at 6:00 and it ended at 9:30. WOW!!!
I am so out of shape. I need to exercise. Well talk later . . .

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