My Pic Page!

~~Welcome To Emily's Picture Page~~

This is a picture of the Arts Evangelica dance company,
that my sister Molly and I performed with at Easter 2001!
That's Molly on the far right, you can't see me as well ...
I'm on the left.
We really did enjoy the experience!

This is my dance class.

This is my dance class with my teacher Mrs. Kidd

Here's some of my friends and my sister Molly!

Here's some of my friends and ME!

And this is our cat Moses!

This is Moses taking a bath!

"Poor Kitty"

This is my bird Little Sir.

This is my other bird Sun Shine.

This is my telescope.

This is Cort. and Nina at the soccer field.

This is my soccer team.

"The Hawks"

This is my new kitty. (Kenya)

This is my dad and I, With the telescope.

This is me sewing my doll together.

This is me and my doll. (I made her)

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